Events & Parties

Creating Sherlock Holmes

Oh y'all I LOVE planning events! And this one was no exception! November 3, 2017 I yet again, took on the auction at MCA with a theme I was super excited about SHERLOCK HOLMES.  Each year I think to myself through the entire planning process, "can I beat last year?" Well... I'll let you be… Continue reading Creating Sherlock Holmes

Bullet Journaling

Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#4)

I can not believe I have finished my FOURTH bullet journal! This planning system has really been a game changer for me, and - as always - this latest journal is my favorite. I chose to go with the ever-popular Emerald colored Leuchtturm1917 this time (BACK INTO A DOT GRID I MIGHT ADD...), and because… Continue reading Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#4)

Events & Parties

Creating Phantom of the Opera

This is still BY FAR my favorite event.  The hours I spent collecting and preparing for this one 100% paid off. Guests were lead through the mirror, down to the phantom's lair... there were candles EVERYWHERE (they were all LED). This part was my absolute favorite.  Ton's more candles, gold, a gate, organ pipes, roses,… Continue reading Creating Phantom of the Opera