California: Day 3

It just keeps getting better! This morning waking up in Grant Grove Village was a sure treat. This little cabin that we called home last night was just the cutest. After waking up, we headed to the restaurant for breakfast. A hearty one at that full of pancakes, eggs and bacon (which I’ve been craving…

California: Day 2

Y’all… Sequoia National Park is absolutely beautiful. After spending the night in Visalia, we headed into Sequoia National Park! Full of windy roads and beautiful scenery this place is breathtakingly gorgeous… and we could not have asked for a more perfect day! We started off visiting the Foothills visitor center, where we got some advice…

Photoshoot: Naomi (3 Yr.)

Sometimes I wonder if my nieces will be the only people I ever photograph… If it is, I’m really okay, cause their just darn cute… This little gem is turning THREE! YIKES… and what better way to celebrate than pretty dress and a fun photoshoot with your sisters.

Photoshoot: Lydia (Newborn)

Every time I take photos of my nieces I have these grand intentions of how they will turn out.  You’d think I’d know by now that what I set out to do, always doesn’t happen.  Sometimes its a major fail, sometimes its a success – but in a completely different way then I imagined.

Photoshoot : Josh + Ashley (2016)

My second *official* engagement shoot.  Although, is it really “official” if its your brother. Maybe, maybe not. But in my book I’ll say official. Here’s some of my favorite shots (or click HERE to view them all).

Photoshoot: Graduation 2016

I’ve become the family photographer.  I enjoy it, so I don’t complain all that often.  Although, I’d personally like to be included in more photos than I am. But I’ll deal.  Here’s a few shots from my younger brother’s graduation.  Click HERE to view even more photos.

Photoshoot: Katie + Trevor (2016)

I probably shouldn’t admit that this was my first photoshoot of people who aren’t my family.  But I will cause thats fun, and I don’t call myself a “professional.”  I really enjoyed capturing these shots for Katie & Trevor.  (Check out all the photos HERE.)  

Photoshoot: MCA Prom 2016

After last year’s successfully photoshoot of my brothers Prom.  I, of course, jumped at the chance for some more fun!  (Now I’m a little sad its all over and I’ll need to wait for my nieces prom to do this again… or become “professional”).  Here’s some of my favorite shots.  (Click HERE to view them…

Photoshoot: Naomi – 1 Year (2016)

Tell me my niece isn’t the cutest and we’ve got a big problem.  I so enjoy capturing her cuteness.  Here’s some of my favorites from her 1 year photoshoot.  (Check out them all HERE.)