Photoshoot : Josh + Ashley (2016)

My second *official* engagement shoot.  Although, is it really “official” if its your brother. Maybe, maybe not. But in my book I’ll say official. Here’s some of my favorite shots (or click HERE to view them all).

Photoshoot: Graduation 2016

I’ve become the family photographer.  I enjoy it, so I don’t complain all that often.  Although, I’d personally like to be included in more photos than I am. But I’ll deal.  Here’s a few shots from my younger brother’s graduation.  Click HERE to view even more photos.

Photoshoot: MCA Prom 2016

After last year’s successfully photoshoot of my brothers Prom.  I, of course, jumped at the chance for some more fun!  (Now I’m a little sad its all over and I’ll need to wait for my nieces prom to do this again… or become “professional”).  Here’s some of my favorite shots.  (Click HERE to view them…