#14 Journal More

Y’all know my love for bullet journaling runs deep…so very, very deep. And I’m totally knocking these #thirtybeforethirty challenges out of the park! Number 14 was to journal more.  And by that I mean, actually take the time to sit down and write about my day, things to remember, prayers I have, whatever comes to…

#29: Learn to Like Fruit

Well… I can’t really say I’ve learned to like fruit, but I’ve done my fair share of trying…with video proof.

The Time I Hiked Sunrise Mountain

After the trek up Cascade & Porter and my *obsession* with hiking began, I had big plans to hike the Appalachian Trail with my dog, which for some reason I wanted to name Bubba.  I’m a planner, but my follow through is often non-existent. So instead, I’ll settle for a couple of miles on the…


When I turned 15, I remember going around school complaining that I was halfway to 30.  Now at 29, I’m going to pretend that on September 22, 2018 when the big 3-0 hits that being half-way to 60 is a cool thing.  My 2 year old niece told me yesterday that 30 isn’t old (of…

The Time I Hiked Sleeping Beauty

Here’s my problem.  I really like to start hiking challenges.  Fire Towers, 46 High Peaks, 115 North East, Lake George 12ster… the list continues. I’ve actually yet to finish one of these challenges though.  I really should probably focus on just ONE and figure it out.