The Time I Hiked Giant Mountain

Over Memorial Day weekend my dad and I tackled Giant Mountain.  This was my 7th high peak (and my dad’s 3rd).  It was quite the challenge I’ll admit, as it was well into the upper 80s, even on the summit.

The Time I Hiked Whiteface (& Esther)

And the photography skills improve (a little).  At this point in my hiking career I’m still terrified of taking my beauteous DSLR hiking with me…so the crappy point-and-shoot is all we’ve got.

The Time I Hiked Cascade (& Porter)

Since I revamped my blog into something COMPLETELY new… Fridays we’re going to #flashback to the past and dig into some of my adventures. It’s good that I start with this post, because by the time we get closer to the present with these flashbacks you’ll forget my HORRIFIC photography skills from this post.