Bullet Journaling

New to the Bullet Journal system? Well here’s a basic overview of its anatomy!


I spent a little time sentence discussing this in my first post. But lets dig a little bit deeper into this.

The official Bullet Journal webpage describes the bullet journal as “the analog system for the digital age.” Ryder Carrol (founder/designer/freaking mastermind) has created a great video explaining the basics.  Its a must-watch for those new to the BuJo.  And since we just surpassed the BuJo’s third birthday (August 18, 2016) there’s a great blog post from Ryder about the back-story. Mostly what makes it so unique is its incredible ability to be customized to everything you’ve ever wanted in a planner.  Its basis is an empty notebook – so the possibility’s are literally endless.

For more information about bullet journaling make sure to head on over to Bullet Journal-Aholics! 


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