Sunrise on Sunset

September 23, 2017 Seems interesting... a Sunset on Sunrise mountain... But I'm telling you guys this was one of the coolest things.  I don't think I've ever specifically set out to watch the sunset, and I've not photographed one other than those grab the cellphone moments. I can now mark "watch the sun set or... Continue Reading →


Edith and Ashley Go to New Jersey

September 22-24, 2017 I'm off to a great start with my #thirtybeforethirty challenge.  This weekend I'm headed to NJ to spend the weekend celebrating my 29th and final year before it all ends (or so some say). Want to read more about my #thirtybeforethirty challenge?  Check out the initial post here.  I've been talking about... Continue Reading →

Sunrise Mountain (New Jersey)

September 23, 2017 Dreams really do happen.  I've now accomplished just over a mile of the AT! This weekend I headed to Stokes State Park in NJ for a celebration of turning 29 with one of my college roommates.  (Road Trip for #thirtybeforethirty accomplished!) I had done a little research ahead of time and knew... Continue Reading →

Inductive Study: Esther

I've already shared my studies through the book of Ezra and Nehemiah.  So today we're on to Esther. If you're tired of these Inductive posts, SORRY! This is my last one for awhile.  I've just begun the book of Jeremiah, so it will likely be MONTHS before I finish that! Anyways... For those of you... Continue Reading →

Inductive Study: Nehemiah

Last week I shared my pages in my BuJo for my Inductive Study through the book of Ezra.  Today, I'm sharing Nehemiah. This really was a great study, so if you are interested in the Inductive Study method, I recommend using the study books by Kay Arthur, put out by Precept Ministries. Nehemiah is included... Continue Reading →

September IS COMING!

Guys! Tomorrow. Is. SEPTEMBER. Can you tell I'm a little excited?!?! September is my favorite month.  That's likely largely due to the fact that my birthday is this month.  But it's also because fall is coming, and I love all things fall.  The leaves, the boots, the scarves, the boots, the hot cocoa.  And did... Continue Reading →

Inductive Study: Ezra

This will be a quick post. One with mostly photos.   Ive gotten some feedback from some posts I've done over on Instagram with my Inductive Bible Studies.  So I just wanted to share my full version of the book of Ezra. You can check out a little more information on how I use this... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

8/26/2017 Temperatures have been super amazing the past few weeks (well really all summer) in New York. It's not so hot to the point where you feel like you're hiking in a sauna. For that I'm grateful, because it has given me some awesome opportunities for hiking!   Since I'm working on like 7 hiking... Continue Reading →

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