About Me

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!


So just who is behind the blog here?

I’m glad you’ve asked! I’m Ashley, a 27 28 year old planner enthusiast.  By day I’m an Administrative Assistant, by night I’m an event planner, photographer, crafter, and journal-er.  I have a serious thing for Jesus, fountain pens and the great outdoors.  You’ll find me sharing all kinds of things about my Bullet Journal journey and my outdoor adventures here on the blog!

Stay with me… you’ll enjoy the adventure!


Living in the great state of New York, Ashley is the administrate assistant to a church in the Schenectady area.   She is huge advocate for the bullet journal planning system, an avid lover of all things outdoors and loves to take photos of anyone (or anything) who will let her.  


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  2. Hey there! Just wanted to stop by here and say that, well, I was here. 😀

    It’s interesting that there are so many posts (by looking at your archive to the left) still no comments on the About page. :/


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