California: Day 6

Our final day in Yosemite. Well partial day, and our final full day in California. How bittersweet.

How hard is it to leave the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? HARD! For the most part anyways, leaving behind those beds and the raccoon that woke us up at 3am attempting to enter our tent not such a hard thing.

Leaving my daily morning view behind would be hard. Especially the log I sat on each morning to do my devotions.

And the views going out of the park we’re *almost* just as beautiful as he way going in (we did decide that there’s no way to beat the view from tunnel view.

There is so much beauty in Yosemite valley… and I. Yosemite in general; I really do wish I had a little more time to explore.

But by 11 we had the car packed and ready for the 4 hour drive to our hotel in San Francisco.

We stopped about halfway for lunch at Starbucks.

And enjoyed more of the many scenes of California along the way.

Like burned trees for miles…

Lots of brown and green…

Post-Apocalyptic type landscapes…

And then eventually the San Francisco Bay.

And then SF itself.

We welcomed the hotel when we arrived, and headed to a local place called Max’s where I enjoyed the most delicious macaroni and cheese (with Vermont Cheddar!) and then it was back to the hotel to pack everything up, take some long needed showers and fall into blissful sleep in some pretty comfortable beds.


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