California: Day 5

Today was probably my favorite day in CA so far. Likely due to the incredible amount of beauty I/we were exposed to throughout the day.

Laziness kept me in bed until just after 7 (which I guess is kind early for vacation). Regardless, I headed straight to the bank of the Merced River for my devotions and some journaling. And because I didn’t want to stop communing with nature, I decided to head out for a little walk by myself.

I walked for just over a mile and a half, switching back and forth between my camera and phone for photos.

Today I kept being in complete awe of what I saw… it just seemed that everything we did was more beautiful than the last thing.

After my walk, we had breakfast and decided to take the free Yosemite shuttle to the trailhead for Mirror Lake. We only intended to do the mile in mile back, but between attempting to make it into a loop and veering off the main path for photo opportunities, it ended up being about 7.25 miles total.

The views as we neared the lake, and at the lake were great.

Part of the lake was already dried up, so we were able to walk out into the middle of the lake. We attempted to find a way across, but were not able to. So checking the map, we saw there was a footbridge about a mile further past the lake.

We made it about half way, but it ended up turning into a rather wet hike, and we decided not to proceed further. But boy are we glad we at least attempted it, because these photos are stunning.

At this spot I was able to spend some time journaling.

Then we headed back to camp. We spent some time resting; and then headed to Half Dome Village for pizza. Then we hopped in the car and drove to Glacier Point.

Our first stop was Washburn Point, which gave us this view.

Do you see what I mean that it just kept getting more and more breathtaking?!?!?

Then Glacier Point…

I mean really… these look like fake backgrounds!? But it’s real… 100% real!

On our way back down… we hoped for a bear sighting.

Instead we say a coyote, deer and this…

Tomorrow it’s packing up and off to San Francisco.. as long as we make it through the night without freezing … temps are said to be in the 30s tonight! Eek!

And if anyone’s wondering my photo count has reached about 3500.


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