California: Day 4

As I begin to write this post, I sit swinging in my hammock… something I’ve longed to do since I hung it up for the winter last October.

Today was our first full day in Yosemite. And it was amazing. Adjusting to our new surroundings was a challenge. Sleeping was not easy to come by, especially with loud shouting at 1am (bear or raccoon removal tactics – which one I’m not sure). But it was loud and startling and took some time to get back to bed. I woke up earlier and got ready for the day here in Yosemite than at any of our other stops. We keep joking that for our last night in San Francisco we’re going to really be thankful for the hotel beds again.

Breakfast this morning consisted of bagels (which we attempted to toast over my backpacking stove… it somewhat worked). We were joined by a deer as we began to clean up. Wildlife in Yosemite does not shy away for anything.

After that, I spent some time reading my Bible down by the Merced River.

I can not complain about this view.

Or this one, which is basically what we see walking out of our tent.

We decided to keep things a little low key today, starting off by checking out the Yosemite Village Store. I got some post cards here to send home.

Then we went to the Visitors Center, where we toured a small museum, saw a video on Yosemite and then walked through an Indian village.

That was pretty neat to see, considering the fact that they still use some of the buildings for ceremonial purposes.

Form there, we headed to the Ansel Adams Gallery, and the post office so I could pick up some post card stamps. This post office was built in the 20s.

Then we got sandwiches at the deli and ate lunch.

After lunch, we filled out some post cards and sent them on their way, before making our way towards Yosemite Falls.

This was a fun little hike, full of lots of photos!

We got several views of both the upper and lower falls, and then a couple views of both together. I’ve now taken over 1600 photos on my camera (that doesn’t include the 100s I’ve taken with my phone).

After our hike of the falls, we headed back to the car and back to Housekeeping Camp. Where I promptly set up my hammock for resting purposes!

We did a lot of low key chilling/napping before eating a quick dinner and heading to the Majestic Yosemite Hotel for a Night Prowl Hike.

This was an interesting hike. We were not allowed to use flashlights, so we walked in the dark! Seeing Yosemite in this light (pun intended) was quite different.

We saw Venus and Jupiter and felt a Sequoia tree.

We learned a lot about bats (there are 27 species in Yosemite) and how they use sounds to make their way around the park. How raccoons have 1000s I’d feelers in their hands that help them to feel their way around the park and how bears use scents – and can smell for up to 3 Miles!

It was a really interesting experience. Then we headed back to camp, I finished my journal for the day; and went to bed!

Day 4s a wrap!


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