California: Day 2

Y’all… Sequoia National Park is absolutely beautiful.

After spending the night in Visalia, we headed into Sequoia National Park! Full of windy roads and beautiful scenery this place is breathtakingly gorgeous… and we could not have asked for a more perfect day!

We started off visiting the Foothills visitor center, where we got some advice on what to see from the Rangers, and purchased some stickers and postcards.

Our next stop would be the Giant Forest Museum, but not before stopping and taking a few photos of the views!

I took hundreds of photos through the window as we drove along.

The first time seeing the Sequoia Trees was crazy. I knew they were big; but seeing them in person is a totally different experience.

The parking lot at the museum was full, so instead we drove to the Lodgepole Visitors Center and took the shuttle from there. Our first stop was the General Sherman Tree Trail.

This was really quite amazing.

After that I did a short hike to the McKinley tree. It was nice to be off in the woods here, just taking in the scenery!

Then we hopped back on the shuttle and headed to the museum. Here, I purchased a hat in the gift shop. Totally worth it!

Then it was back on the shuttle to Crescent Meadow.

This was easily my favorite part of the day. The rangers had told us this would be the place we’d be most likely to see wildlife…

The meadow was absolutely awesome, and after seeing this I turned around and spotted two deer! And then came right for me, within about 4 feet!

The trail here was just awesome, about two miles of just beautiful stuff!

Including the Chimney Tree!

… which you can go inside!!!

From there, we saw Tharps Log.

And then it was back to wait for the shuttle. But not before running into our deer friend from before.

Waiting for the shuttle was the most time consuming at this point, with the Memorial Day crowds, we had to wait for the 3rd shuttle to come before there was even room for us to get on! Then it was back to the Lodgepole Visitors Center to get back to the car (whom we’ve named Onyx) and head to Grant Grove Village where we’d be spending the night.

But that trip wasn’t without its views either!

And day 2 is a wrap! Up next… Kings Canyon & YOSEMITE!!!!!


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