California: Day 1

All day today has been a little surreal. I still can’t believe I’m here!

Today started with waking up in the Hampton Inn and the most comfortable bed… EVER.

I slept so well last night. Likely due to the 9+ hours of travel time and the fact that my 10:30 flight arrival into LAX was actually 1:30 AM my time.

Breakfast consisted of a bagel, and a waffle, and some hot cocoa. It was delish! Then we headed to the beach, so I could knock off another of my #thirtybeforethirty challenges.

Not only did I see the Pacific, I also touched it. Yay!

I’m pretty excited to check out the photos I took with my DSLR as opposed to the ones on my phone. They should be pretty epic.

After the beach, we headed into LA, Hollywood & Beverly Hills to see some of the famous things there.

The palm trees are just amazing here; especially in this area. They are so well kept and all in straight lines lining the road. So cool!

We just drove though the area taking in the sights. When I spotted the Hollywood Sign, it quickly hid behind a building. We had to do a little searching, but were able to see it from a pretty good view! We got out and took a bunch of photos.

After that we continued on to more famous things.

Like the TLC Chinese Theatre. The streets were packed with people. I’m actually pretty glad we didn’t get out to walk, it would have been incredibly crowded.

Then we set the GPS and headed for Visalia and in search of lunch.

We stopped at an Outback Steakhouse and had steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli (yum). Then hopped back into the car to continue the drive.

Driving through the Angeles National Forest was probably my favorite part of the day.

The mountains here are pretty different from my normal mountains (Adirondacks) but still incredibly beautiful. We kept saying it was only going to get better as we head into Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite over the next few days.

We stopped at a visitors center at Pyramid Lake for his incredible view. It was my favorite scene of the day.

Then we continued on to Walmart to pick up some groceries for the next few days of camping, checked into our hotel, and headed right to bed.

But not without some chocolate cake and some journaling first!


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