#thirtybeforethirty … Update 1

Its been two months since the start of this challenge! Yay Me!  So I figured it’s about time to do an update about it! (Check out the original post here.)


OFFICIAL START DATE: September 22, 2017

OFFICIAL END DATE: September 22, 2018


(Completed challenges are in green!)

Travel to Another Timezone. I have a trip booked to CA in May 2018!

Get a Passport.

Visit another Country.

Do a Weekend Road Trip. (Road trip to NJ. Read about that here.)

Own Something From Tiffany and Co. 

Have 23 High Peaks Done.

Finish a Hiking Challenge.

Start Sewing MoreVictorian Costume COMPLETE and a HUGE success.

Run a 5K. I gave up on Couch to 5k … I think this may wait until after winter…

Take a Photography Class.

Learn to do an Oil Change on Edith.

Read One Book per Week.

Finish Reading Through the Whole Bible.

Journal More.

Take a Photo Per Day.  I’ve already failed this challenge.  So we’re adapting to “Take More Photos.”

Attend a Bullet Journal or Planner Conference. 

Watch the Sun Rise or Set on a Mountain. (Read about it here.)

Take a Beach Vacation.

Take Underwater Photos.

See a Moose in the Wild.

See Wicked on Broadway.

Take A Backpacking Trip.

Pay off a Student Loan.

Learn to Use Photoshop or Aperture.

See the Pacific Ocean.

Master Manual Mode on my Camera.

Get a New Professional Grade Camera.

See Pigs Race at the State Fair.

Learn to Like Fruit.

Celebrate Turning Thirty with my Favorite People.  I think this party needs to be themed… comment with your picks!



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