Creating Sherlock Holmes

Oh y’all I LOVE planning events! And this one was no exception!


November 3, 2017

I yet again, took on the auction at MCA with a theme I was super excited about SHERLOCK HOLMES.  Each year I think to myself through the entire planning process, “can I beat last year?”

Well… I’ll let you be the judge.



For the hallway, we hung this Victorian backdrop on the left side, with draping on the right side, creating a street scene.  With a great big lamp post (recycled form a previous event) and strung Christmas lights from the ceiling for a starry night effect.



Just inside the gym, we created Sherlock’s apartment, with Victorian era furniture, lots of books and ink bottles, beakers, a violin and more!


Sherlock’s desk (a family heirloom – built by my great, grandfather) and his suspect board all about Moriarty.  Plus a super awesome $7 typewriter my mom found at a garage sale!


My favorite part of this whole thing was creating things for Sherlock’s desk, I found a bunch of oil lamps at garage sales, found spectacles in a room at home known to the family as “Area 51” and purchased some trinkets from Amazon.  Plus, I printed off some vintage style police newspapers and dyed the paper with coffee (they smelled fabulous!)


All night long, guests could be found in this area posing and taking photos! It was a lot of fun.



I’ll mention that I sewed that skirt, (as well as the hat) and had a pretty awesome friend do my hair and makeup for the event!





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