Sunrise on Sunset

September 23, 2017

Seems interesting… a Sunset on Sunrise mountain… But I’m telling you guys this was one of the coolest things.  I don’t think I’ve ever specifically set out to watch the sunset, and I’ve not photographed one other than those grab the cellphone moments.


I can now mark “watch the sun set or sun rise from a mountaintop” off my #thirtybeforethirty list. Somehow I feel, that since this was a fun experience and I really enjoy nature photography, I’ll be attempting a few more of these over the next year.  It’ll be interesting to compare shots as I practice composition.


I’m always amazed when I look back at photos I’ve taken, especially ones on hikes and of nature, how people can see these things and NOT believe in God.  It just doesn’t add up in my book. And if you truly think about it no picture of nature is ever the same, and nature is never the same, each moment in time is completely different from the next.


As we were at the summit during this hour of time, I alternated between my camera (Sony Alpha A230) and my iPhone (7plus) taking photos of what I was seeing.  I do this all the time, and sometimes my camera wins, sometimes my iPhone wins. It just depends on the situation I’m hoping to capture.


Until the next adventure…




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