The Time I Hiked Sunrise Mountain

After the trek up Cascade & Porter and my *obsession* with hiking began, I had big plans to hike the Appalachian Trail with my dog, which for some reason I wanted to name Bubba.  I’m a planner, but my follow through is often non-existent.


So instead, I’ll settle for a couple of miles on the AT in New Jersey, with a college roommate and her dog.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

For my 29th birthday we decided to meet *halfway* between the two of us in New Jersey for a weekend of camping at Stokes State Forest.  It was a wonderful weekend of pure relaxing in the forest with hiking, good food, and my first ever attempt at washing my hair in the woods (thats another story…)

Anyways, on Saturday, we made our way to the ranger’s station and asked their opinion on the best (and not ridiculously long) trek up Sunrise Mountain. You can actually drive to the almost top, with about 0.10 of a mile of a slightly inclined trek to the summit.  It’s a great spot to watch a sunset… ironically the parking lot is blocked off for sunrise hours.


We picked up a trail map from the ranger stations and followded their recommendation of pulling off at the last parking area/look out and heading to the AT to trek up Sunrise, and then loop down the opposite side taking a few of their marked trails.

The trek up was fairly simple, we made it up to the summit in less than an hour, the incline was pretty steady and not that steep at all.


There are great views in all directions on the summit, and a great pavilion for shelter & picnicking.  We spent a little time on the top, talking with others, eating some snacks and, of course, taking photos.  Most of mine came out so great, I had to watermark them.  I’ve shared several on Facebook, and so many people asked to use them for various things (MY SKILLS ARE IMPROVING!)


It took us a little while to find the trail that we wanted to take down Sunrise.  The problem was the map was a little confusing to understand.  We thought we needed to take the branch off trail to the parking lot at the almost summit, but in reality we needed to go quite a bit further on the AT to find the trail we wanted to take down.  That took us a bit of time to figure out.

Lets just say I’m really, REALLY glad that we decided to go up the way that we did, because seriously this way down was STA-EEP!

I’m also really, REALLY glad we came down this trail, because there were parts that were so gorgeous, it felt like we were walking through a movie.


For more information on hiking Sunrise mountain, including more photos, trail maps & routes check out the track on Gaia GPS here




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