When I turned 15, I remember going around school complaining that I was halfway to 30.  Now at 29, I’m going to pretend that on September 22, 2018 when the big 3-0 hits that being half-way to 60 is a cool thing.  My 2 year old niece told me yesterday that 30 isn’t old (of course a few minutes later she said I was old… well… you know – I’m going to stick with her first statement.)


Back in September (of 2017) I embarked on a list of 30 things to complete before the age of 30 sets in.  I, of course, dedicated a page to this in my bullet journal and shared it all over Facebook & Instagram where an outpouring of friends and family offered help (or maybe it was only support).

Regardless, this list I wrote up, at first just seemed like something fun to accomplish, and I tried to pick things that I figured I’d be able to do.  Now, 4 months in, and I’m looking back over this knowing FOR SURE I’ll likely not accomplish everything on the list.


I’ll keep you posted on my completions!


30 Before 30

  1. Travel to another time zone
  2. Get a passport
  3. Visit another country
  4. Do a weekend road trip (COMPLETED)
  5. Own something from Tiffany & Co.
  6. Have 23 high peaks done
  7. Finish a hiking challenge
  8. Start sewing more
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Take a photography class
  11. Learn to do an oil change on Edith
  12. Read 1 book a week (or 52 books) (PART ONE)
  13. Finish reading through the whole Bible
  14. Journal more
  15. Take one photo a day
  16. Attend a bullet journal or planner conference
  17. Watch the sun set or rise on a mountain (COMPLETED)
  18. Take a beach vacation
  19. Take underwater photos
  20. See a moose in the wild
  21. See Wicked on Broadway
  22. Take a backpacking trip
  23. Pay off a student loan
  24. Learn how to use Photoshop or Aperture
  25. See the Pacific Ocean
  26. Master manual mode
  27. Get a new professional grade camera
  28. See pigs race at the New York State Fair
  29. Learn to like fruit
  30. Celebrate turning 30 with my favorite people



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