And So It Begins… The #thirtybeforethirty Challenge

I *unofficially* started this challenge on September 1st.  Somehow having an extra 22 days seemed helpful.  But today is the real start because… today this girl turns the big 2-9.

I have big plans for this list.  And I’ve kind-of already accepted the fact that I probably won’t complete EVERYTHING on the list.  But I’m going to try pretty hard to make it happen… So without further ado… here’s the list in all its glory.

OFFICIAL START DATE: September 22, 2017

OFFICIAL END DATE: September 22, 2018


  1. Travel to Another Timezone. I have never been out of the Eastern Time Zone.  Ever.
  2. Get a Passport.
  3. Visit another Country.  Even if it is only Canada.
  4. Do a Weekend Road Trip. When I picked this one I didn’t really set parameters.  Like what exactly constitutes a road trip?  I’m driving to NJ today for the weekend.  Does that count? (UPDATE: The consensus was yes it counted… read here.)
  5. Own Something From Tiffany and Co. Preferably with diamonds.
  6. Have 23 High Peaks Done. Before this challenge began I have 7/46 completed.
  7. Finish a Hiking Challenge. I’m aiming for the 4-3-2-1 Way or Lake George 12ster.  Those seem the most “doable” in a years time. (4/10 for 4-3-2-1, 2/12 for Lake George).
  8. Start Sewing More.  I’ve actually been really enjoying sewing lately.  I’ve created rustic curtains for Edith (I’ll post about her soon).  And I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of patterns for a Victorian costume I plan to make for an event I have coming up.
  9. Run a 5K. I started Couch to 5K last week.  I did 2/3 workouts for the first week.  That’s better than nothing…
  10. Take a Photography Class. I’d really like to take one specific to nature photography, and I know they have really neat travel classes out there. Just not sure if that is logistical.
  11. Learn to do an Oil Change on Edith.
  12. Read One Book per Week.
  13. Read Through the Whole Bible.  I know there are plans out there that you can actually do this in 365 days.  But I have tried and tried again to do this and every time I fail.  So I’m making this more of a “complete reading the while Bible challenge”.  I started tracking this back in 2015, so I have 17/66 books completed.
  14. Journal More.
  15. Take a Photo Per Day.
  16. Attend a Bullet Journal or Planner Conference. I know.. this seems pretty weird, that they actually have conferences like this.  But I’m a bullet journaling freak and I don’t care… this sounds like fun!
  17. Watch the Sun Rise or Set on a Mountain.
  18. Take a Beach Vacation.
  19. Take Underwater Photos.
  20. See a Moose in the Wild. I’m currently convinced they do not exist outside of zoos, and Canada.
  21. See Wicked on Broadway. Wicked is my all time favorite musical.  I’ve seen it twice at a local theater, but BROADWAY… I mean come on!
  22. Take A Backpacking Trip. Either on the mountain treks I’d like to complete, or on the AT, part of the Northville-Placid Trail or do the entire Canberry Lake 50.
  23. Pay off a Student Loan.
  24. Learn to Use Photoshop or Aperture. Preferably Photoshop, but that means I need to purchase it… I already own Aperture.
  25. See the Pacific Ocean.
  26. Master Manual Mode on my Camera.
  27. Get a New Professional Grade Camera.
  28. See Pigs Race at the State Fair.  Yes, the piggy races are my favorite thing about fairs, fried dough, a close second.
  29. Learn to Like Fruit. I ate an apple the other day, the whole thing… and I was okay with it.  That’s progress.
  30. Celebrate Turning Thirty with my Favorite People.  My sister has already told me a party is in planning.  She originally thought of doing a surprise party…but knowing me she decided to do a not-so-surprise-surprise party.


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