Inductive Study: Esther

I’ve already shared my studies through the book of Ezra and Nehemiah.  So today we’re on to Esther.


If you’re tired of these Inductive posts, SORRY! This is my last one for awhile.  I’ve just begun the book of Jeremiah, so it will likely be MONTHS before I finish that!

Anyways… For those of you still interested in these studies you can study along using this book.


I like to think that Ezra and Nehemiah were both really more of a test for this kind of note taking in my bullet journal.  Especially since for Esther, I used a lot more pages than for either of the other two books.


I continue to use the concept of threading for my inductive studies.  Check out my post on Nehemiah to see exactly what threading is all about.



For Esther, I even got a little bit more creative.  Like laying out the timeline above for major events that happened in the book.


I also made a specific list about the different Edicts, as well as a small portion of the page dedicated to Purim. (Read Esther to find out about that!)


Lastly, I think this is my favorite page.  I really liked plotting out the different characteristics about each of the four main people in the book.

That’ll be all for the Inductive studies for awhile.  As I mentioned before, I’ve just begun the book of Jeremiah, so it will probably take me awhile before I’ll be finished.  For this book, I’m testing out something new.  I’ve been using a Travelers Notebook recently, so I decided to use an insert specifically dedicated to Inductive Study, instead of taking the notes in my Leuchtturm1917 journal.  I’ll definitely be sharing how that is going for me soon!

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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