Inductive Study: Nehemiah

Last week I shared my pages in my BuJo for my Inductive Study through the book of Ezra.  Today, I’m sharing Nehemiah.


This really was a great study, so if you are interested in the Inductive Study method, I recommend using the study books by Kay Arthur, put out by Precept Ministries. Nehemiah is included in the book Overcoming Fear and Discouragement and includes the books of Ezra and Esther as well.


For a little bit more detail about how I use the Inductive Study Method in my Bullet Journal check out this post.


I use a system called threading in my Bullet Journal when taking these notes.  That way I do not need to set aside a certain number of pages right next to each other in my journal.  Instead as I use up a page, I put an arrow in the bottom corner of the page with the page number of the next empty page in my journal.

If you notice in the photo above the right page is page 59.

I use a Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journal which has pre-numbered pages – I highly recommend these journals for bullet journaling!

You’ll notice that down in that same corner I’ve hand written p. 67 with an arrow.  That means to continue on with this study I need to go to page 67 of my journal.


This next page is page 67.  You’ll notice that on the left bottom of the page I have an arrow facing left with “p.59”.  Remember above that the page number was page 59.  Likewise on the right side of this page I have “p.104” which means to continue this study I need to go to page 104.  That is the concept of threading.


Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!


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