Inductive Study: Ezra

This will be a quick post. One with mostly photos.   Ive gotten some feedback from some posts I’ve done over on Instagram with my Inductive Bible Studies.  So I just wanted to share my full version of the book of Ezra.


You can check out a little more information on how I use this Inductive Study Method and incorporate it into my bullet journal by reading this post.



I do a quick title as I start each book and then use the top half of the page to keep the keywords I mark in my Bible.  Then I make a list of the “lists” that I’ll be tracking out through the study.  I color code this so that I just have one big list in chapter order.



For Ezra, since I finished the book and still had a little space on the bottom of the page, I chose to write out this verse.  It was one that really stuck with me as I was studying Ezra.

I’ll plan to post more as I complete Inductive Studies in more books of the Bible.

Stay addicted Bullet Journal-Aholics!

To study the book of Ezra using the Inductive Method, I highly recommend using this book




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