Sleeping Beauty Mountain


Temperatures have been super amazing the past few weeks (well really all summer) in New York. It’s not so hot to the point where you feel like you’re hiking in a sauna. For that I’m grateful, because it has given me some awesome opportunities for hiking!

image (2)


Since I’m working on like 7 hiking challenges, most of my hikes revolve around getting myself one step closer to completion.  I’d like to finish one challenge within the next year.  The Lake George 12ster seems most doable, since I can make it to most of the mountains within an hour or two. Today’s goal: Sleeping Beauty.

We parked at the first parking lot about a mile (and a half or so) from the Dacy Clearing Trailhead Parking.  We had no reason to do this, other than we just decided the longer walk on the gravel road seemed like a cool idea. We signed in at the trail register just past the parking lot, and headed on our way.

There’s about three campsites on this road, which would be something cool to try out sometime in the future.

We even came across the remains of what we agreed was likely Sleeping Beauty’s Castle… Ha!


It was cool to spend some time here, using my DSLR to take some photos.  My goal over the next year is to master manual mode, so this was my last attempt at using the presets on my camera.


When we finally made it to the Dacy Clearing parking lot, it would be 1.8 miles to the top of Sleeping Beauty.

There are several ways to make it to the top of this mountain, just from this parking lot.  We chose them main route by the large Dacy Clearing sign, then at the trail register we headed left.


The start of the trail was quite rocky.  We felt like we were hopping stones in a large dry river bed.


I didn’t do much research on this hike, but knew it was rated only moderate.  It really was a very simple hike.  There were ups, but most of them were short with long stretches of fairly level ground so we were able to catch our out-of-shape breath.


For this entire hike, I had my camera out and ready to snap photos.  Since its expensive, I’m always so hesitant to do that, especially hiking.  But I took the plunge this time and am so glad I did.  I was excited when I got home and got to Aperture to look and edit them!


Soon, the rocky trail turned from rocks to roots. Its places like this within the Adirondack Park that make me feel like I’m trekking through Middle Earth, (sadly there have been no Aragorn sightings…).


Eventually you come to another trail junction, we chose right.  I believe going left will take you to Bumps pond before hitting the summit of Sleeping Beauty.  We planned to take that way down.

Shortly after this junction, we came met a family on their way down with a young boy.  He let us know that we were 3/4 of the way done. We were glad to know the end was near.  We were definitely ready for a view.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  High 70’s and sunny with just few clouds.  The views when the finally made it to the summit were spectacular.


It was a little windy at the top, but a great spot to sit and take in the view while we ate some snacks and I dreamed about a cheeseburger with fries.


We spent some time on the top taking in the view and grabbing photos of the flowers, trees and of course, the view.  We shard the top with some interesting characters, who had quite the argument about heading on ahead of their group… YIKES.

Trip Details

  • Date: 8/26/2017
  • Who Hiked: Rachel, Me
  • Round Trip Mileage: 6.69 Miles
  • Route/Trails: Sleeping Beauty from Dacy Clearing
  • Time: 3 hours 40 minutes (including stops)
  • Snacks: granola bars, pretzels, fruit snacks, water (and an amazing cheeseburger at Texas Roadhouse on the way home…)
  • Elevation: 2347 ft
  • Ascent/Descent: +1037 ft, -1037 ft

For more information about hiking Sleeping Beauty, including photos and trip details, maps, etc. check out the GPS track with GaiaGPS. 



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