The Time I Hiked Sleeping Beauty

Here’s my problem.  I really like to start hiking challenges.  Fire Towers, 46 High Peaks, 115 North East, Lake George 12ster… the list continues. I’ve actually yet to finish one of these challenges though.  I really should probably focus on just ONE and figure it out.


August 26, 2017

Sleeping Beauty is one of the Lake George 12sters. And it is a fairly *easy* hike, for the incredibly view waiting at the top.  There are two parking lots, one that is over a mile from the actual trail head, and another at the actual trail head.  I was unsure about the dirt road into the second parking lot; and we were all about the extra exercise, so we decided to park in the first lot, and “hike” in on the dirt road.

I’m really glad we did, because there is a section of remains about halfway in off to the right, I’m pretty certain we would have missed this had we driven.  I have no idea what it was, but we joked that it was sleeping beauty’s castle.  We spent a good amount of time here snapping photos.


Finally making it to the parking lot, we opted to go left at the trail head.  There are several options for making it to the summit, we had no reasoning behind heading left, other than it sounded good.


The hike is pretty easy, although there are a few somewhat steep spots (but in relation to other Lake George 12sters like Buck or Black, its *easy*).  We didn’t spend much time stopping on the way up, other than to snap photographs of root covered paths, mushrooms, mud prints, and other nature-y things.


We did spend a fair amount of time on the top, catching our breath, relaxing and enjoying the view, with snacks.

On the way down, we really started to regret not parking in the second lot, by the time we made it to that parking lot, we were tired, but still had over a mile left to go.

Thankfully and nice couple driving offered us a rid in the back of their pickup for the mile or so, which we gladly accepted!

For more information on hiking Sleeping Beauty including more photos, trails & routes, check out the track on Gaia GPS here



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