BuJo Travelers Notebook Update

A few months ago I made myself a travelers notebook cover in A5 size with the intention of using this type of system.  I liked it, but eventually stopped using it soon after.  Read about that here


I’m happy to say, though, that I gave it another go and I’m IN LOVE.  This system has been a game-changer (kinda like bullet journaling to begin with…)


I have three “inserts” inside my cover,  2 are normal TN style inserts that I bought as a 3 pack on Amazon.

The first (and in the front) is dedicated strictly to work.  Since I’ve been using my regular bullet journal as more of a journal/memory keeping area, I didn’t really like having the work stuff taking over.  I wanted a separate space for that.


I have a key, like always, in the beginning of this work journal, and an index as well. I’ll be using the same sort of system that I do in my regular journal, but this will be much less fancy.


I have a monthly calendar that highlights events and social media things that I need to take care of and remember.


Then I have a weekly tracker where I keep track of the things I do on a weekly basis.  I even have collections, like a list of things I need to make sure I research for our website.

I also have daily entries where I have the things I need to do on each day.

My Second insert is my Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journal, which I use as my regular bullet journal.  Most of my posts come from this journal.


Sleep Log and daily time trackers inspired by @bohoberry. 

I considered doing an insert specific to long-term collections. But I was hesitant to do that, since part of my joy is redoing some of those long-term collections in each new journal, because I like coming up with new ideas.  So my third, and final, insert is one dedicated to my personal Bible study.  I’ve been using a the Inductive Bible Study method.  And I really liked the idea of having that in its own insert.


I’m still in the process of setting up this new insert for my next study (Jeremiah).  And I’ll definitely roll out an exclusive blog post all about that once I’m done. In the mean time, you can check out my last post on how I was doing that in my regular BuJo.  Since, I’ll likely keep the system the same, just in its own journal.



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