Buck Mountain (A Repeat) 


I love this mountain.  I really do. And it’s actually the first repeat hike (with the exception of the hikes throughout Moreau Lake State Park) that I’ve ever done. Yay for repeating!

I’d been watching the weather for a whole week wondering where our best bet for hiking would be for this weekend.  My original hope was to tackle a high peak, but since I’ve not really done any mountain hikes this year, I opted for a mountain closer to home, and a little less daunting.

Leaving home around 8:30 am, we arrived to the trailhead at just before 10 am.  I hadn’t packed my bag yet because I was going to be attempting the whole hydration bladder thing again.  (Which this time around was so much better than previous attempts, minus the slight plastic-y taste.) And I decided to use my go-pro knock off camera to take clips of the hike to mesh into a video (that I have yet to attempt).

Once I got myself together we hit the trail for the just over 3 mile trek to the top.

We signed in at the trail register and made our way.  I’m a HUGE fan of all hikes that start out with a flat path.  And this one does, at least for a few thousand feet.  Then the trail will pass over Butternut Brook and things start upward.

For a good ways, the trail is quite wide, with plenty of room for 3-4 people to walk side by side.

Probably about halfway, the trail starts to thin out, and really become more like a traditional hiking trail.

I tried my hardest to remember things from my 2015 summit of Buck, but I was wrong all too often. I kept thinking this first view was coming around the corner, way too often!

I remembered this part, being quite steep; but this time around it was not as bad as I had remembered (maybe I will be okay on Gothics…)

After this view (above) of the southern part of Lake George, you head back into the woods for just a bit more, and more last rock climb to the summit!

Summit elevation marker on summit of Buck.

When I was packing my bag before hitting the trail I was at odds as to weather to bring my DSLR camera with me.  I’m glad I did because, while my iPhone does take great photos, there’s just that extra that the DSLR does that the iPhone can’t. And I love it.

We spent about a half hour or so one the summit eating lunch and enjoying the view. It was so worth it!

Western shore of Lake George across from Buck Mountain.
Tongue Mountain Range from Buck’s summit.

All too soon it was time to head back down.  I kept my camera out for the trek down to take more photos on that instead of my phone.

It took about an hour and a half for us to make it back down. And I have two blisters. Yay!

Check out more from my GaiaGPS track here.

Trip Details

  • Date: July 13, 2017
  • Who Hiked: Karen, Me
  • Round Trip Mileage: 6.23 Miles
  • Route/Trails: Buck Mountain from Pilot Knob
  • Time: 4 hours & 40 minutes (including stops)
  • Snacks: chicken salad & hummus sandwich, carrots, pretzels, fruit snacks & granola bars
  • Elevation: 2333 ft
  • Ascent/Descent: +1963 ft, -1872 ft

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