The Time I Hiked Buck Mountain (the second time)

Repeat hikes are cooler than they seem.


You see… Nature is never the same – I think thats my favorite thing about GODS CREATION.  No photo of it can be captured exactly the same way twice.

August 13, 2017

Anyways, since my goal is to hike the 12 mountains in Lake George that consist of the Lake George 12ster, I had to hike Buck Mountain for a second time in order for it to count.  And quite honestly this time around was a lot easier.

We started the hike at the parking area in Pilot Knob.  This is a great spot to hike from, the trail starts off incredibly wide and easy to follow.  It will begin its incline after a short warm up on fairly level ground, and then you’ll pretty much hike upwards from there.


There are some pretty extraordinary views in several locations once you start hitting areas where you can see things, there are quite a lot of open areas for overlooking the view.


After making it to the top, we stopped for lunch and taking lots of photos (aren’t my skills improving???)


It’s a pretty awesome hike, and now I’m 2-12 for Lake George!


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