The Adventures of Edith Elantra: Planning

In my post about vacation journaling, I mentioned I would be rolling out a cool new post all about Edith Elantra. There is a little bit of a back story here, so let me start with a little explaining.


I’m currently 28, in less than 2 months that number will increase one more to 29. I’m also single, like REALLY single; there are literally 0 options. And when you’re single and female you’re faced with some pretty interesting stuff… no one thinks you are capable of anything, and yet at the same time they think you have all the time in the world to do everything.  Anyways, I got tired of the … oh you can’t do that by yourself comments, and realized that I wasn’t ever going to enjoy all the things I could enjoy if I believed those comments were true, because honestly they’re not.  Not. Even. Close. 

Enter the Birth of Edith Elantra

Edith Elantra is new to me, we’ve now been together just about a month, and it’s been good, it’s been real good.  I’m seeing God’s hand in this, specifically in it now being possible to be a little more “free” with what I’m “allowed” to do.  I wasn’t even looking for a new car, she just happened; and it all worked out so perfectly, it was almost too good to be true.

Over the years I’ve had these two things I said I’d never do…

  1. I would never go camping alone.
  2. I would never go hiking alone.

I’ve bent the rules, a little.  Last October, I embarked on my first ever solo hike, and I’m telling you it was the most peaceful, relaxing and freeing thing I’ve ever done.  That same weekend I took a 5 hour road trip up Whiteface by myself. And now Edith Elantra makes camping solo a possibility.

If I had stayed stuck, believing what everyone was telling me, I never would have captured this…

I realize that this photo is highly edited (on my iPhone I might add) but come on.. this is cool.

Okay, so before you flip out on me let me explain some of the boundaries I’ve set for myself when it comes to this.

  1. First, I’ve had discussions with lots of people whose opinions I greatly trust (my parents, older sister, and other older & wiser single women) about this entire idea before I even considered traveling alone, or started making plans for Edith Elantra. I’ve also read extensive blog posts and research from avid single female travelers, about single female travel; (like this and this) and I’ve been reading those things FOR YEARS.
  2. When I go somewhere alone, I always tell someone.  It’s just stupid if you don’t.
  3. Always check in with the people who know where you are throughout the day & time you’re away.
  4. When camping alone, stay near the ranger/campground warden.
  5. Little hikes are okay by yourself, but hiking a high peak or 15 miles probably isn’t’ the smartest thing to do by yourself.
  6. Don’t blast social media telling the world where you are and that you’re by yourself – that’s also really, really stupid.

Planning for Edith Elantra

Okay, so now that we got through the long back-story, and we’re all on the same page about this, we can dive right into the planning behind Edith.

I, of course, took out my handy-dandy bullet journal (note the Blues Clues pun) and took to designing a spread to gather ideas and make lists and measurements.


I then visited Pinterest and YouTube, remembering reading about Hotel Prius back awhile ago. (In case you are wondering, I have no desire to live out of my car… ever.) The biggest help to me was using videos from SUV RVing on YouTube.  You can check out my Pinterest board for Edith Elantra here.

In my planning, I knew there were things that I really wanted:

  • a bed frame of some sort
  • places to put clothes and tools/other camping gear
  • the ability to keep food (and etc…) in my car for those camping places that require that
  • lots of ventilation
  • curtains/privacy
  • an awning of some sort in case it rains
  • space in side to sit and read should weather keep me from being outside

Just wait till you see how she came together… and she will continue to be tweaked until the day she dies…


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