Kayaking: Lake George (Rogers Rock – Anthonys Nose)

This is the year of kayaking.  I’m not sure anything could be as awesome as kayaking the open waters in a pink kayak… well maybe hiking – let’s not forget that has always been my first love.

One of my co-workers/friends has a family camp on Lake George.  And she also loves to kayak… so of course we had to make that happen this year.

We started out from their camp which is located on the eastern side of the Northern portion of Lake George.

Heading south on the eastern shoreline of Lake George.


The lake was incredibly calm as we began our excursion down the eastern shoreline.  Clouds were moving in but that didn’t stop us from getting out there. I packed my rain coat to ward off any chance of rain.

I rode my first “waves” as motor/speed/fishing boats passed us… phew that was nerve-racking and fun all at the same time.

Rogers Rock

Around this part, we started to feel rain drops… although it was hard to tell since we were being splashed with paddle water too. The rain (really more like random sprinkle drops here and there) didn’t last too long though and blue sky began to appear!

Facing the western shoreline.

It is a lot harder than I thought it would be to take photos, between the waves and the natural current I was constantly moving, and that was making for interesting photo opportunities.
We took our time heading down to Anthony’s Nose, and we really didn’t have a plan for where we would go, or for how long.  It was neat to move in and out of the bay areas looking at the clear water down to the bottom and searching the wooded areas for wildlife.

A view to the North of the eastern shoreline as we headed south on the lake.
A little plant making its home on a mossy rock.

Rogers Rock from somewhere near Anthonys Nose.

The lake stayed pretty calm for us, until our return trip.  Now I’m told even what I thought was “rough” isn’t really… but this kayaking adventure was only the FOURTH time I had ever been kayaking!

The area around Anthonys Nose.

We arrived to Anthony’s Nose and I was ready to make our way back. This was about the 2 mile mark of our trip, and my arms were starting to get tired.

This area the lake is somewhere around 130 feet deep.  Thankfully my friend waited to tell me that until we were back where I could see the bottom of the lake!

Our return trip was quicker, but rougher! Things got a little choppy!

You can tell because photos aren’t even close to being straight anymore…

I’m loving kayaking more and more each time I hit the water and am so thankful for friends who love it too!

I recently purchased the Gaia GPS app on my iPhone. I have been using a Garmin eTrex20, but I’m hoping to consolidate into less devices on the trail/water. So this was my first attempt at using the app. I’m seriously impressed. So easy to use, much more so than my garmin. I was able to easily record our track and tell along the way how far we had gone.

I think one of me favorite features was that you can take photos directly in the app, and it plots a waypoint and attaches your photo to it on your track map.

We were on the lake for about 2 hours and 14 minutes and did just over 4 miles (4.07 miles).

Happy kayaking y’all!


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