Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#5)

And the bullet journal obsession continues. I’ve added a fifth journal to my collection!

Here’s some of my favorite spreads:

I like using this type of spread to track TV shows. And I have to manually track my Netflix binges since everyone and their mother in my family has access to my account. I print off each season on a sticky note and track away!

For this journal, I gave each month a cover page, it was fun to find this subway style art prints for each of the months (just found them on Pinterest…)

I taught a bullet journal class for some high school students – this was FUN! I had the best time making plans, providing supplies and giving them all tips on how to join the BuJo movement.

A list of hikes I wanted to do (I don’t think I’ve done any of these yet…)

Monthly spreads all took on a color theme, and I used a two page monthly grid style layout.

A habit tracker – one that I actually filled out to the end of the month! #winwin

A quote page I drew from some sermon notes.

And of course a list of my favorite pens!

Want to see more? Check out the video flip through of my fifth bullet journal below!


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