Inside My Bujo: March 2017

On today, the 31st this last day of March, what better way to celebrate than looking back over the favorite pages of this month!

Finance BuJo

I’m really a fan of this subway style art.  (Just wait till you see April’s!)


My monthly calendar has pretty much stayed the same, although I started using the Micron pens this month, that didn’t last all month.  I just had to switch back to my Tombows!


Thanks to Boho Berry for the 5 tips to improve my handwriting.  I’ve really started to try to do more of my own styling this month, as opposed to using that fun trick.


And this month brought a miracle.  I got to see Wicked at our local theater.  Wicked is MY FAVORITE musical of all time! So of course I had to add part of the playbill to my bullet journal!


I decided to go back to the Calendex, with the added Horizon page for my future planning.  Both titles were hand-lettered by me, no trick needed!


I also went back to using a habit tracker.  My anxiety has been getting a little out of hand recently, so I went back to the tracking, and added that as an entry.  I actually did a really good job of tracking this month! Again, the quote at the bottom was hand-lettered by me. (You can ignore what looks like an “l” between “try” and “again” I was attempting fancy swirls but it didn’t really turn out as I would have liked. )


I went to a one-day women’s conference that I took some notes during the sessions in my bullet journal.  It was a great emotionally-freeing, healing conference.


And in celebration of March being the first of spring, I’ve added my hiking and camping gear list back into my bullet journal.  This is actually a 4 page spread.


I’m looking forward to April.  My goal is to hand-letter everything in April myself to work on improving my skills.

Stay addicted bullet journal-aholics!



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