Creating Alice In Wonderland

I’m a certified IWPP (international wedding planning professional).  I have been for 10+ years.  But, what I really should be certified in is transforming bland gymnasiums into other worlds.


I’ve been volunteering at my Alma Matter (MCA) for too many years to even count, and heading up the décor team for their annual auction for the last five.  This is clearly no easy feat. But each year I’m up to the challenge and far surpass my own expectations.

2016’s theme was Alice in Wonderland, and y’all I paper-mached 60+ mushrooms.

A mural painted by an MCA parent.
Down the rabbit hole… Don’t be late!

What I love to do most is create an overall experience.  And this one was really neat. Guest walked through a “garden” and down the rabbit hole (which was dark with tea cups, signs, clocks, chairs and everything else you can think of hanging off the ceiling and walls.

Left for big; Right for small.

After the rabbit hole, you came out into wonderland, with 60+ mushrooms of all different colors (and sizes – including two that were five plus feet tall).

Hedge maze, with Knaves!

My dad is a rock star; like really.  I had this vision to create a hedge maze, and with cardboard and furring strips, we made that happen!  We even created four foot chess pieces.

How did I come up with this plan?

  • I watched every version of Alice in Wonderland available.  The Disney animated version, the creepy one with Johnny Depp, and the Once Upon A Time spin off series Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.
  • I searched on Pinterest & google.
  • I had a dream about the hedge maze.


  1. Murals – Canvas drop cloths from Harbor Freight & paint, plus some super awesome parents & students with painting abilities (which I do not have).
  2. We used a lot of turf carpets, artificial ivy strings, iron & plastic fencing and artificial plants.
  3. Signs – wood (obviously) which we painted green and adhered letters cut with a Silhouette machine (a “wonderland” inspired font).
  4. Mushrooms – poster board, cardboard, newspaper, packing tape, flour, water and paint.  Use cardboard to cut circle like shapes for the mushroom stem base and mushroom top base.  Glue (using hot glue) poster board to the cardboard; crumple up newspaper on the top of the mushroom top base and hold with packing tape.  Mix 1 part flour, 1 part water and paper mache’ newspaper strips.  We did 1 coat of paper mache, then painted in assorted bright colors.  We used white/cream for the stem color.
  5. Hedge maze – cardboard, furring strips & 2×2’s, green plastic table cloths, black and white checker flooring rolls and green petal float covering (like used for parade floats).
  6. Knaves – foam board, red hearts, numbers (used silhouette to cut out), and a dowel.

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