An Adirondack Scenic Drive

This is not a hiking trip report.  I cheated and, after leaving a weekend of camping at Moreau Lake State Park, I headed north to Route 73 and right on up the toll road of Whiteface.

image (3)

My first stop was at Chapel Pond.  This pond has, for a long time, freaked me out.  There’s something about knowing that a body of water just keeps going on and on down deep forever, and having no confidence in how deep it really is.  I stopped at the parking lot for Chapel pond and took a short little trail down to the shore to snap this photo.


As I was driving around, I decided why not tackle the toll road to Whiteface.  And I’m really, really glad I did.  I had been told that this weekend was prime fall foliage.  So that is really what called me to do this little drive.  I literally could not have asked for a better day.

The toll road was beauteous! This is just before I reached the long, long, long line of cars waiting to pay the toll to head up Whiteface.


As I was stopped in traffic, I turned around to this…


There are several areas along the way that you can pull off and snap photos.  Really Whiteface has some pretty breathtaking views. But I was most surprised to see near the top there was snow!



After I parked my car (almost near the back…) I grabbed my camera and my Northface fleece, wishing I had gloves and maybe even a winter coat, and headed up the rocky path to the summit.


The views were just amazing.  I really have no words to describe them.




The famous Summit elevation sign.


And Lake Placid surrounded by fall.


The view of these high peaks!



After my photoshoot on the top of Whiteface I headed back to my car, bid the mountains goodby and headed back home.

Stopping for a few more photos along the way.


Cascade Lakes



Cascade…the mountain that started it all for me.


And a last view of the mountains from the airfield.





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