Moreau Solo Hike

I hope to be rectifying this 2 kayak to 3 people issue soon.  I’m asking for one for Christmas.  We shall see what happens!  So while camping at Moreau over Columbus Day Weekend, my parents headed off kayaking with their friends, while I took to the incredibly familiar trails of Moreau State Park.  I love this park!  This was my first official “solo” hike.

We generally camp in loop F, and there are trails that start in that loop.  I headed off, ready to see what I could find.

It was a cloudy and overcast day.  But it was nice and peaceful!

Fall hadn’t quite peaked here, which was a little bit of a appointment for my camera.

The nice thing about Moreau, is that there are so many trails, and so many options to go around.  I loved that they weave in and out of the woods to clearings, ponds and then eventually Moreau Lake.

Even for a blah weather day, the lake was beautiful.

I had taken the photo below on my phone.  I was playing with it in an editing program and probably went a little overboard.   But I love how it captures this sense of peace even in the midst of what looks like a storm.  The features that you can see with the water, bridge and the trees.  BREATHTAKING!



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