Inside My Second Bullet Journal

Well Here it is!  A look into my SECOND, more beautiful than the first, Bullet Journal.



After my first attempt, I WAS HOOKED!  But I knew the Moleskin journal was NOT for me.  So I got this lovely lemon-yellow Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journal.  THIS IS THE JOURNAL THAT (quite literally) CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Journal Specs:

My first page housed a yearly calendar.
My first page housed a yearly calendar.
This was my first attempt at the calendex. I had a love/hate relationship with it.

The Calendex was all the craze a few months ago.  (It probably still is).  I first saw it over on Boho Berry.  Kara does a whole video explaining it.  I liked it at first, but then found that I kept forgetting to update it… not worth it. But it sure looks pretty!

As you can see my key has evolved a little bit more…

If you remember from my first bullet journal, I used boxes instead of the dots to indicate a task.  For this journal I switched over to the dot.  I’m not really sure why I did that, but I’m still using the dot (now in my 4th journal). I also never used the signifiers.

The infamous Level Ten Life spread!

If you’ve been around the bullet journal community at all, you’ll know about this Level 10 Life thing (check out Kara’s post over at Boho Berry.)  I saw it, read posts about it, but never read the book.  I spent a ton of time planning out this spread and I never ONCE used it. Perhaps if I had read the book I would have??

A wishlist!
A wishlist!

I haven’t touched on “Collections” yet on my blog (but boy, oh boy is it coming!) In a nutshell, the collections are anyting that’s not daily planning – so lists and stuff like that.

Habit Tracking
Habit Tracking

I attempted a different habit tracker, with listing out the tasks separately instead of all together.  I did seem to use this more than the most common way of habit tracking that I used in my last bullet journal.  However, this was the last month that I habit tracked…

Some Dailies
Some Dailies
Another collection - TV show tracking (done by season).
Another collection – TV show tracking (done by season).
a favorite quote page (that I "faked"
a favorite quote page (that I “faked”)
another quote page
another quote page









A monthly page.

You can see I started to habit track again, but lasted about a week…

So I'll never forget the fonts I use to "trace" into my journal.
So I’ll never forget the fonts I use to “trace” into my journal.

If photos weren’t enough for you this time around.  You can check out the video flip-though of my second bullet journal!



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