Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#3)

Lesson #1 – be really careful when you order Leuchtturm1917 journals on amazon.


As I neared the end of my sunshine yellow Leuchtturm1917 dot grid journal, I knew this was the bullet journal for me.  So I took to my favorite online shopping avenue, found *what I thought* was a dot grid in red and completed my purchase.  The journal showed up on my doorstep two PRIME days later and unfortunately it was a SQUARED!

Insert sobbing here…

I powered through though, because is it just me or is trying to return things to Amazon always such a chore – especially when they tell you its “your fault” and deduct fees out of your return.


I made the best of it and basically did a page of daily planning per day, with a few random things thrown in there.

img_4573I think what I hated the most about this journal was that the top of each page has a section that is blank (no grid) with “DATE” written in.  ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE. It totally messed with my ability to function in my beloved planning state.

I made it through two months though, but as I said, each page really became a day, because I just couldn’t make multiple days on a page work. And I was incredibly tired of adding washi tape to the top of every page!


I was pretty excited when it came time to purchase a new one, and I made extra sure that my journal was DOT GRID!


If you’re wondering – I skipped purchaseing from Amazon this time around, and opted for Goulet Pens.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!


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