The Time I went to Quechee Gorge

Well, my parents have this love for Vermont (okay… my dad has a love for Vermont, because Killington is there and Killington=Mountain Biking).  But they always talk about Quechee Gorge, and I’ve see it, but never hiked it. So while we were staying at Gifford Woods for a week, I asked to hike this!


We ended up only going down the gorge, after the trip back up; I didn’t feel much like hiking further up hill to the top.

Sign at the parking lot.  We went to the bottom of the gorge.


It was really pretty down this way.  The path was super wide and easy to trek.   But ALL DOWN HILL (which meant that going back up was ALL UP HILL).


Quechee Gorge is a popular watering hole, and lots of people swim here.  We did not do any swimming (I much prefer pool water – or water that is clear).  But this was still pretty gorgeous!


After snapping an obscene amount of photos – we headed back up to the car and back to camp.


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