Kent Pond

My parents have had kayaks for several years, but last year was the first time I attempted getting in one.  It was rather a challenge seeing as we had 3 people and only 3 kayaks…I squeezed in with my mom… it made for a memorable day on the Hudson.

But while we were in at Gifford Woods in Vermont I had my real first taste of kayaking. For my family, Vermont=Killington=Mountain Biking, so for my mom and me that meant kayaking.


Kent Pond is almost directly across from the entrace to Gifford Woods.  We walked our kayaks from the campground down to the pond.  My parents have these wheel contraptions that your kayak sets on to wheel them around.  It was maybe a little too far for that, seeing as the kayak kept falling of, but again it was an experience.

This is the boat launch where you take off.  We set our kayaks in and went for a paddle around the lake.

kent pond 1

I think my favorite part was the loons! There were at least 5 of them.

Excuse the poor quality of this photo, I was sneaking up on the loon and used my phone camera instead of my DSLR.

kent pond 5

The peak with the ski slopes is Killington. My dad and brother were somewhere on that while we were paddling around.

Kent Pond 3

kent pond 6

Mr. Duck here and I got a little friendly.

kent pond 7


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