Thundering Falls (Appalachian Trail, Vermont)

After my hiking obsession began back in 2006, I told everyone I would hike the Appalachian Trail with my dog, Bubba, a rottweiler. Well… Bubba has yet to make his appearance in my life… and quite frankly I’d rather have a Huskie or Akita and name him Fiyero.

I have however stepped foot on the Appalachian Trail, only in Vermont, but that counts… right?


Thundering falls is short drive from Gifford Woods State Park, and we fell onto this trail by accident.  My dad was off exploring on a bike ride and came upon it.  This is what struck him.


A majority of this short trail is a walkway like this, over a marshy-swampy area.  Its gorgeous! We did this hike at just about dusk.


I have a thing for photographing trails.


Thundering Falls is a short path off the AT.  Its gorgeous! Unfortunately at this time of day, and my goal to use only manual mode that day really backfired, so I have no photos of the falls. The falls were not at all “thundering” but in August there’s a reason for that.  The path to the falls is a short 0.4 mile almost level path.  You can climb up the steep incline to the top of the falls.  We did this, part of the way.



  • Date: August 8, 2016
  • Who Hiked: Dad, Mom, Josh, Me
  • Route/Trails: Appalachian Trail, Thundering Falls
  • Trip Stats:

For more information on Thundering Falls click here.


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