Quechee Gorge

Since my parents and I were at Gifford Woods by ourselves this time, we had the freedom to do a little bit more than just mountain biking (for that I am thankful…for some reason my dad and brothers won’t let me mountain bike with them…ha that would be a sight).  So we took the drive to Quechee Gorge, something I had only seen from the bridge.

This is a nice hike.  There are two ways you can go from the parking lot. We chose to go down first, and were going to go up on our return trip.

After parking in the parking lot (its free parking! yay!) You take a few steps down by this sign.  Then you’ll come to the actual trail, to which you may choose right, which heads up to the dam, or left which heads down to the bottom of the gorge.  We opted left.

This hike is no joke.  It is a steady incline down (and that means you’ll have to climb back up…)

There are several areas to look down into the gorge, and even some locations where you can see the dam.

I really liked the bottom of the gorge.  It was beautiful, if only there weren’t so many people.

Its a great place to swim, although we did not come prepared for that.  I was mainly there to take some photos.

It was a hot day and on the way back up we were wishing we had come a little more prepared – with water. The trek back up was trying, only because it was hot, we were tired and without water.  Once we reach the parking lot, we decided not to go to the dam, and just call it a day.


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