The Time I Hiked Giant Mountain

Over Memorial Day weekend my dad and I tackled Giant Mountain.  This was my 7th high peak (and my dad’s 3rd).  It was quite the challenge I’ll admit, as it was well into the upper 80s, even on the summit.


May 28, 2016

We were camping at Schroon Lake for the weekend, and we left the campground for the half hour drive to the trail head at just after 6:30 A.M. I had done my research and decided to hike up the Roaring Brook Trail.

It would be a 3.6 mile hike to the summit.  We started going, and were on the trail just after 7 A.M.  We decided to skip the side trail to see roaring brook falls. Looking back, I wish we hadn’t done that, but I was worried about time, and the plan for the day was not only to tackle Giant, but Rocky Peak Ridge as well.  When we reached the top of Roaring Brook Falls, we did decide to check that over look out.


This was the first hike I had ever taken my DSLR camera on.  I have previously been really hesitant to do so, seeing as its expensive and hiking can be pretty dangerous.  I powered through for this one though, and took the plunge. 


IM SO GLAD I DID.  There something about the way that that camera captures what I’m seeing.

It was probably about half way up that I began to realize just how out of shape I was, and how it was probably best to just stick to hiking up Giant and saving RPR for another day.


It took what seemed like forever to make it to the summit.  But seeing the marker was WORTH IT! I pushed it pretty hard the last .5 miles or so, and that was pretty rough.  Looking back, that was a pretty big mistake. (More on that in a minute).

This view was amazing. We stopped on the summit for photos and lunch for about 20 minutes.


As I sat there, I started to feel a little sick and dizzy.  I had to lay down on the side of the trail for a good 15 minutes hoping the nausea would subside. It was at that point that  we made the decision to take the 3.2 mile Ridge Trail back down and then if I needed to, I could wait in the parking lot at Chapel Pond for my dad to get the car.


This way down was STEEP!  I’m so glad we did not trek up that way.  Most of it was open rock face, and in the hot burning sun.  I kept drinking lots of water and splashing it on my neck to keep cool.  I believe I suffered a little heat exhaustion that day.


Once we hit the portion of the trail that was back in the woods, I started to feel much better; the hot sun was no longer burning on us.  I wish I had been more excited about that trek down, I missed a lot of photo opportunities.


We hit the Giant Washbowl, and had only .7 miles to go to the trail head.

When we made it to the parking lot it was a glorious site!  We trekked a little further on the road and I waited in the parking area for Chapel Pond where I was attacked by mosquitos and black flies and my dad took to the road back to the Roaring Brook Trail head for the car.  I was so glad to be done!  I had successfully completed my 7th High Peak…and I think I’ll be doing more in the fall cool weather instead…


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