Crane Pond, Pharaoh Mountain & Pharaoh Lake

Well the first hike of the season has officially been completed.

And it was well worth it – though longer than we had anticipated.  We hit the road to head for Schroon Lake about 7:30.  We arrived and started at the trail about 9.  We opted to save B’s car and trek in the 2 miles to the actual trail head  (a decision we somewhat regretted…but more on that later).

So after the 2 mile hike to the actual trail head we headed in to “officially” begin our hike.  We immediately got some pretty decent views of Crane Pond.

I always have an issue taking pictures on the way “in” for all my hikes.  So unfortunately there aren’t any photos of our hike up Pharaoh.  But oh well… most of the time I’m just super focused on making it to the top.  The worst part was the mosquitoes!  They were attacking us from every angle.  Lots of bug spray was used on this trip!

We arrived to the “almost” summit and got  a great view of the High Peaks!

Since we had read that Pharaoh had lots of views from multiple “summits” after lunch we kept exploring.  And this is when we fond the TRUE summit.

Just a little bit more of elevation and we made it to what we thought was the actual summit. Here we stopped to enjoy some lunch – and of course the view!

Then we began the trek down.  We had decided as we hit the first junction that we would do the Long Swing Trail down to Pharaoh Lake and then back to Gidden Marsh and Crane Pond.  Our calculations were that this would be a round trip of about 10 miles (which later we fond was WRONG!!!).

We had read that using the Swing Trail as the way up is supposed to be easier – and let me tell you IM SO GLAD we came up the other way….this did not seem like it would have been a FUN trek up!

It did make for a fun adventure on the way down. After a rather LONG trek down we finally came to Pharaoh Lake.

Pharaoh lake was really gorgeous, so calm & quite.  It was really peaceful!

Then we came across a trail sign and realized that we still had 4.8 miles left just to get back to Crane Pond… then it would be an additional 2 miles back to the car… our realization that this would be longer than 10 miles began to set in…

This would be the longest 7 miles EVER!

By the time we hit this spot we were both ready to be DONE! It had been a long day, we had lost sleep over excitement for our first hike.  Yet we still had probably 3 or so miles to go… we continued on…

We did eventually make it back to Crane Pond, and back to the car… it just took much longer and I realized I NEED NEW BOOTS! My feet got fat this winter… and they need a new hiking home 😦 it is a sad day for my Northface boots!






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