Creating Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I’m so not going to lie about how much I love this movie, or this color. (Don’t get me wrong… it won’t take the place of my love of Rose Gold… but Tiffany Blue is pretty spectacular.)


May 21, 2016

I live to be on planning committees, so when the Women’s Ministry Team at my church decided to have a multi-themed tea party, I was all for creating my own table and hosting a posh Breakfast at Tiffany’s tea.

My mom and I all dolled up.

And OH YES… we dressed up!  (This velvet skirt has come in handy for more than one occasion… like Phantom of the Opera).


Table decorations included tall glass vases with Tiffany Blue pom poms attached to the top.  Silver chargers, with my mom’s wedding china, name tags on pearl strands, and cute little framed favors.


Our menu was breakfast items, like croissants, mini pancakes, and quiches.  It was DELICIOUS.  We even had Tiffany Blue punch.  (Sorry, I never took photos of the food!)



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