Look Inside My Bullet Journal (#1)

If you know me at all, you know I’m 100% addicted to bullet journaling.  Its a serious problem (right after all the rose gold things…). I toyed with the idea of attempting this type of planning all through 2015, and finally made the plunge to start 2016 off right.


I purchased a grid style Moleskine hard cover journal from amazon and poured over Pinterest to see exactly what this bullet journaling thing could become.  With my starter journal in hand, I got some Bic 1.9mm colored ball point pens (because who can start a new year without new pens) and dug right in.


I was pretty basic, with my key and used lots of washi tape throughout to give it a little bit more fun.


And I hand numbered all 240 pages… (ugh!  my next journal was the famous Leuchtturm1917 which comes pre-numbered).


I did eventually branch out to the Staedtler Fineliner markers for my color coding.


And also used some colored pencils to add some neon flair (I really had a thing for neon after The Carrie Diaries).


I fit three months in this journal, and was ready to be done with the whole grid thing by the end of March.  This was a good starter journal, even though I basically hate everything about it. I felt too boxed in with the grid, the paper is this weird texture the elastic got anti-stretchy too soon, the bookmark started fraying and a spine sticker wouldn’t stay attached, so I had to use packing tape.


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  1. Ahah I’m totally addicted to bullet journaling as well!! It’s just so much fun and it’s great for staying organized. Your spreads are so pretty and colourful!! I love them. 😀

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  2. I thought I really preferred the black and white but this is pretty great with all the colour!


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