Buck Mountain

We decided to hike Buck from Pilot Knob.  It was overall a great hike.  We hit the trail head at just after 9am.  After signing into the trail register (noting the WANTED posters for the two escaped convicts from a little farther north – one, who at that point had been shot and killed, the other who would be captured just a day or two later) we headed on our way.

We had 3.3 miles to go to reach the summit.

The trail to start off was nice and wide.  And generally like this most of the way.

When we had almost reached the summit we got some pretty good views of Lake George. (They would be better from the Summit).

We reached the top at just about 11:30 and enjoyed a rest and lunch.  The actual summit was pretty crowded with people, but there was a little portion off to the right of the trail that was pretty empty.  We chose to be there and enjoy the “quiet.”

The Summit marker.  We made it!

The summit of Buck has some spectacular views of Lake George.  Here’s just one of the many views form the top.

I am so glad I purchased these books.  (Remember my last post about Pharaoh Mountain/Lake and how I desperately needed new boots!) These are the BEST boots I have owned to date!

Cairn’s marking the way to the summit.


Profile view from my GPS tracking.




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