Harmon Hill

Another break from the High Peak Adventure.

We decided to stray away from the mountains and spend the day on a “hill.”  We got a fairly early start and hit the trail by 9:30am.  This trail, although a hill, is no joke… Accent started immediately off the trail head, and its pretty intense in some areas.

It was cook to trek up the hill on the formed rock “staircase.”it was definitely a nature-worthy hike.  The colors were just beginning to change on some trees to a beautiful yellow color.

The actual ascent took us just about 40 minutes. And then we began on a beautiful VERY easy nature walk.  We came across this little buddy and snapped some photos.  He was rather photogenic for us.

Fall is my favorite season, and these yellow leaves were quite breathtaking.  It made for such a nice day!

There were several areas with lots of blow down.  None were across our path, which was very nice!

At the top of the hill, there is a great view of Burlington.  Here we took a break to enjoy the view and have a snack.  We made it!

We took a short loop at the top and spent some time on the connecting “Long Trail.”

The sun peaking through the changing colored trees created another breathtaking view.  We just couldn’t stop taking photos on the way back.  The yellow mixed with the green leaves made for some great shots!

Some of the paths were a little mucky.  It was nice to have boards that had been placed down on the trail to walk on to keep our boots nice and clean…unlike that time on Phelps.



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