The Time I *ALMOST* Solo-Hiked Up Killington

When my parents decided on a week long trip to Gifford Woods State Park so mountain biking could commence, I was thrilled that a solo-hike could be in my future.  It somehow made me feel better that my dad and brothers would be on the mountain at the same time as I was – just in a different location.


July 11, 2014

I was ready to tackle this on my own, when my dad’s bike broke and then he decided to hike with me. Don’t get me wrong – my dad is the best hiking buddy, so I was happy to have him along for the company.


This was a really cool hike.  I asked the bike shop clerks what they suggested. They told me to hike up one trail and down another (I now wish I had come back the same way I went up, since the way down was a dirt service road. )


Much of the trail up was in the woods, but it would cross over the ski trails every so often, which made for some pretty great views.

View from the summit.
Bridges on the way down.

These bridges were pretty cool, and made for easy trekking down the mountain. They lasted for a little ways, before leading to a dirt service road, which we took the rest of the way down to the parking lot.

Gifford Woods-Killington - 60




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  1. Ted Rice says:

    At least you got to see the view! I took my first solo hike in 1964 starting there – took the chairlift to the summit and bushwacked down to the Long Trail and hiked north to Pico and the Sherburne Pass. I was in the clouds most of the time, it was very cold, rained from Killingon to Pico. I did get a great view of the mountaintops sticking up out of the clouds at Pico.


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