Killington Peak

Now, the real reason for the Vermont trip this year was so that my dad and brothers could go mountain biking on Killington.  And since they would be traipsing all along the trails on the mountain, I decided to embark on my first solo-hike up Killington.

We stopped at the ski/bike shop when we first arrived so my brothers could get their passes.  Unfortunately my dad’s bike had taken an unrepairable fall, which meant he wouldn’t be biking today.  So instead he decided to hike with me!  At the shop, the reps suggested we hike up trail F and then down trail C.  So we followed suit.  They provided us with a trail map.

Trail F was a true hiking trail.  It would weave in and out of the wood across ski trails and chairlift slopes.  I really liked it.

This was one of the first clearings we could see from, you can see the parking lot for the gondola, which is where we started the hike from.

The bees were out in big numbers, especially in the overgrown grass on the ski trails.

I loved being able to see the progression of the Green Mountains appearing as we would cross different clearings.

Once we made it to the top of the gondola, there’s still a bit more to the top of Killington.


I believe this is Pico peak, from the top of Killington.

A panoramic view from the summit.

We took trail C down the mountain.  I wasn’t really a fan of this hike, at least a majority of it.  The first part was actually quite cool! They have a really nice wooden walkway that extends for quite a period that shows some great views of the Green Mountains. This was pretty cool.

The rest of the hike down was a service road.  There were still several views, but I had liked weaving in and out of the woods. There wasn’t any of that on the return trip.


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