Kent Brook Trail

The Kent Brook trail is a short loop trail in Gifford Woods State Park in Vermont.  This is a great state park, one my family has been going to for several years in a row.  If you’re a mountain biker (like my dad and brothers are), this state park is just about 2 miles from Killington Peak.

This trail was short and sweet, and perfect for an afternoon walk.  I forwent the hiking gear and just strapped on my boots and grabbed the Garmin.

One of the cool things about Gifford Woods is that the Appalachian Trail actually goes through the campground.  It’s a great stopping point for through hikers to grab some rest and a shower.  Gifford Woods has cabins, lean-tos and tent camping sites.

It has long since been a dream of mine to hike the AT.  I’ve come to grips with the fact that the likelihood of that actually happening is quite slim.  I definitely could do it in stages, but taking the 6 months to do it would not be even close to feasible. Regardless, at least now I can say I’ve “Hiked the AT,” if only in part.

The trail is nice and easy to follow, goes up and down in a few places, but is fairly level.  Eventually you’ll come to the brook.

We spent some time throwing rocks in the brook, and then headed back to the campsite.

I always find it helpful when I’m planning out a hike to read posts on other blogs about the trip, but what I find even more helpful is the maps and profiles. So hopefully you will enjoy these!



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