Spier Dam & Grant Mountain

Last month we attempted this epic hike for my birthday.  All I wanted to do to celebrate was this hike.  But when it’s something you really want to do, and other people who don’t necessarily want to do it come along…it can make for an interesting experience.  Long story short, we never made it to the top of Grant Mountain, and we never saw Spier Dam. But my dad and I did see a taste of trail running as we ran our way back to the campground for the car to save my mom’s knees.

But this month … this month my dad and I left those that complained behind and set out to accomplish this 8 mile hike together.

We took a loop approach leaving directly from our campsite in Loop E.  Check out the Moreau Lake State Park Trail Map. Last month we attempted this hike from the right.  This time we headed left first.

This trek wasn’t exactly easy, there are some fairly steep parts throughout.  The good news is, generally the steep parts happen in sections, with a nice long flat ground in between.

(As I’m looking back over my posts, and updating them, I’m realizing how far cameras have really come.  And I’m so glad I’ve invested in an iPhone 7 Plus & a DSLR camera.)

What I love most about hiking is seeing the different parts of nature.  Its great to see things yo don’t normally see, and finding little treasures along the way… like this guy!

There are several overlooks along the way.  Unfortunately it was rainy and cloudy so there wasn’t that much of a view for us.

I recently got this app on my phone to help see mountains as you’re hiking. Its great… when it works.  I’ve not had much luck from the summits of the high peaks with an app like this.

It was cool to see Hadley though, a mountain I want to tackle someday.


  • Date: October 9, 2013
  • Who Hiked: Dad, Me
  • Route/Trails:
  • Trip Stats: 8.5 miles, 4 hours 38 minutes

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